Champs-Elysees KTV Club

Beside the accommodation and delicious foods at our hotel and restaurant, In case that the honorable guests would like to sing in order to make the event more delighted or in order to reduce stress;  it only takes you 2 minutes on foot from your room or your dining table to a new life with colorful lights shining on the carpets making you feel in heaven our KTV rooms lining up to welcome and to give the best of warm service to all honorable guests of us.

  • Open daily from 12:00 PM till 02:00 AM.
  • Friendly and lovely service providers.
  • Free of charge on singing girls to accompany honorable guests.
  • Special discount for customers; especially, frequently visited guests.
  • Host birthday party, friends reunion party or family party...ect.
  • Guarantee best of security and safety to honorable guests in special case.
In the Karaok room
  • All large and decorated with colorful carpets rooms are equipped with super long and soft sofa which make best comfortable seating.
  • All decorations are uniquely deluxe and different.
  • Each room equipped with LCD Cable TV, Laser Lights, and modern sound equipments imported from oversea.
  • VIP room is equipped with 2 modern 52’ LCD TV, a projector and a counter bar for cocktails and together with other equipments; the whole room is a real Disco Club.